Marilou Vermeulen

Marilou Vermeulen Height: N/A Dress: N/A
Location: PA Weight:N/A Shoe: N/A
Age Range: N/A Hair: Brown Bust: N/A
Ethnicity: N/A Eyes: BLue Waist: N/A
Email: NA Phone: NA Hips: N/A
For availability & booking information email our talent department or call 800.910.9168 (Ext. 1)


Acting & Modeling Objectives:
TV Shows
Commercial Print

To stand out as the best actress as possible. Not just through my work 
on film, but through my interaction with people in life. I am 
determined to fulfill my goals in this industry.
Some thoughts of mine:
1. We are who we make ourselves become.
2. It’s not the people, it’s the people’s minds. You cannot kill them, 
you’ll have to find a way to teach them.
3. There is always a reason we meet people. Either you need them to 
change your life, or you are the
one that will change theirs.

Yoga, once every two weeks
Pilates, one time per week
Personal Trainer, two times per week Gym/dancing, every day

Champlain High School, Montreal, QC. Graduated in 2011
Les Ateliers Danielle Fichaud; French acting school in Montreal Years: 2012
Singing, Dancing, Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer, Tennis, Interior 
Design, Skiing, Cooking, Swimming,
Modeling , Selling, Quick Learner (Show me how to do it, and i’ll do 
it better than you!)

Speaks: English, French

Music Video, Billy Nova feat Doug St­Louis ­ J't'ai regardé partir

Professional Experience: Music Video, Copa Records. 2009

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