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How to start Modeling? How to become a Model?

In order to become a model you must follow some basic modeling guidelines and meet certain modeling requirements.

All models must have an organized portfolio that includes several modeling photos displaying model's features and ability to pose. Most models begin by shooting with modeling photographers in order to collect photos and start their modeling portfolio. Once modeling portfolio is created model can start submitting to local modeling agencies and applying for modeling jobs.

Modeling Jobs

Next Step: Search for Modeling Jobs and Auditions

First, search for modeling auditions and modeling jobs in your area. If you live in a small town, your best opportunity is to audition in a nearby city. Modeling agencies hold go-sees and open casting calls for models periodically. Every major city has modeling agencies affiliated with the modeling industry and the local modeling market.

Your success as a model in the entertainment industry at first relies on your connections, ability to network, self-promote, and market yourself a model. Your main job as a model is to apply for modeling jobs on daily basis. Once you become a more established model your manager or modeling agency will be booking the majority of your modeling jobs. Most models have multiple website memberships where they are able to apply for modeling jobs.

Search for Modeling Auditions and Modeling Jobs

Learn what to expect at Modeling Auditions


Modeling Portfolio

Next Step: Create a Modeling Portfolio or Model Profile

All models must mail out a professional portfolio package (comp card, headshot, ZED card) to casting directors and agencies.

Models are required to go through various photo shoots and create a modeling portfolio. Putting together a portfolio is an absolute MUST for every aspiring model! The portfolio should include a number of photos and a resume.

Comp Cards or ZED cards are popular types of modeling portfolios, and usually contain 4-7 body poses. Some established photographers have reliable connections, which could lead to a modeling job right away. Your resume must include your current contact information, your height, size, weight, measurements, previous training and recent work.

Professionals hire based on your modeling exposure and experience. The key to your success is to select a well-established photographer who can capture your best features to help create a more exotic look.

Search for Model Photographers in your area

Modeling Agencies

Next Step: Search for Modeling Agencies and Managers

You need to select an agent or manager--whichever is right for you. You can do so by simply sending out your picture and resume to all the agents/managers in your area. They will call you back if they are impressed with your picture and interested in representing you. Every major city has well-established talent agencies and management firms. Contact a few different agencies/managers and find out what they require. The key to success is retaining an agent/manager who is well-established and experienced! Ask for references and credentials before signing any contracts. We advise you to work under a non-exclusive 1-2 year contract in order to make certain your agent/manager performs professionally.

Search for Modeling Agencies in Los Angeles and other areas

Modeling Schools

Next Step: Search for Modeling Schools

Modeling might seem easy. Although your physical appearance is the first characteristic casting agents consider, models with training and experience are the most sought after. Taking modeling classes from a professional school will train you to improve your existing skills. It will also help you learn guidelines for your auditions. Having a professional portfolio and gaining some basic instructions is important if you are considering modeling as a full-time career.

Search for Modeling Schools in your area.

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