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It looks like my son might be getting two auditions right as we started. Thank you. Will you kindly email me the auditions for Friday 6/27. Once more thank you and hope to meet you in person sometime in the near future. Take good care, and please don't work too hard!!

Gladys Sullivan
Shalimar, FL

"I ust finished the roll in first daughter of young katie holmes, 20th century fox/regency enterprise." Thank you very much."

Ashley Menser
Orlando, FL

I had several casting directors call me this weekend for auditions. THANK YOU to Derek Griffiths and am going to all of them and will not let you down. You took your time to go out of your way for me!

Grand Marshall Elliot

"Finally someone is helping us models with a great service! I have joined last year and already received several auditions for commercial print locally. Currently I am in the process of selecting an agent."
Michelle Boyd

I am so grateful to Derek Griffiths and Hollywood Auditions for helping me
land a speaking role in the new Miami Vice movie starring Jamie Foxx and Colin
Farrell. A lot of other agencies ask for an aspiring actor such as myself to
pay thousands of dollars to join their agency. So in my estimation, and from
the results I’ve gotten, Hollywood Auditions is by far the most reasonable
agency around. Mr. Griffiths was incredibly helpful and he’ll get you the
results you are looking for if you are serious about making it. Thanks Mr.
Griffiths for everything!!!! I’ve already been receiving offers from
Dreamworks since I got my role. You guys really are the best. -Ralph Miami, Fl

I am Haley Keely and I have been working with Hollywood Auditions for a little over a year and a half almost two years. I have been fairly pleased with what I have gotten out of it so far. No movies yet, but I'm still looking. I could use a few more auditions in modeling but so far it provides me with what I need to get a foot in the door. I cant always make it to out of state auditions but its good to know that the opportunity is always there. - Haley Keely



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