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I can't believe this! A talent scout saw my profile online, and they want me to come in for auditions! I never thought it would be so easy. I was really skeptical at first, but then I thought, why not? I thought I would have to work really hard to get auditions. But the auditions want me! This site actually works.

Natasha Reid
San Bernardino, CA

I just signed up today, and there are so many auditions to choose from. This is great!

Sandra McHugh
Miami, FL

Wow, you have a lot of auditions. I thought it was only going to be movie extra or commercial roles, but you have everything. I've always wondered how you can get into reality shows. I thinking of trying for the bachelorette...

Kristina Pondani
Chandler, AZ

I was just out with dancing with my friends, and somebody gave the number to HollywoodAuditions. I called and I never thought it would be so easy. They tell me where the auditions are for all the tv shows. I'm goint to one for FOX next week.

Janel Guttierez
Seattle, WA

I'm new to this site. Bur my portfolio looks really good. And they have been helpful. There are plenty of tips about auditioning. Before I was always so scared going to any auditions, but now I feel more confident about getting noticed.
Donnah Lynn Peters
Hartford, CT


I think if anyone is at all serious about acting, then you need to sign up. The auditions are endless. You just have to work really hard. I got a part on the Verizon commercial finally after going to audition after audition for 8 months. But it was worth it.

Matthew Bailey
Syracuse, NY


Dear Michael

I am really grateful for everything you did, for your time. Your are very
professional. Your kindness and generosity is worth millions. Thank you
for responding back!

Maria Hodnik
Genoa City, WI


l am so gratefull of hollywodauditions. l dont regreat a second of joining it but l wouldnt have done without Charles Southerland am so gratefull to his work and looking forwrd to meet him in the future. so far l have done theater and film extras and looking forward to babyphats fashionshow.l hope l would move to hollyood soon although Ny is the best.thnx Hollywoodauditions kep ur great work.=]

melba gynes
bronville Ny


Hey mr. Luis, I have an audition on the 14th for Universal Studios japan. very excited :)

Michael Worthy

thank you so much for everything because of you i have made connections in the industry that i never thought possible i have just finnished my first short film and working on three others. A special thank you to Mr. Southerland for all his help in promoting me and sending me new auditions to submit for i owe you alot. Without you my career wouldnt be possible! i appreciate the time and the effort this company put into making my new life possible and i hope to make you proud. i will be seeing you in the future from the big screen thank you so much for everything

Alayna Diamond
Fair Oaks, CA

Hey Charles ! Just had to let you know that I went on my first audition today in Corpus Christi, Tx. I walked in, turned it over to God, and walked out with a role and a tour!!! Thank you Jesus! I was the only one they cast today and I was the very last audition of the day !!! The play is called "Repent and Let's Have Church" so be on the look out. I'll do several plays locally, and then I'm going on a 13 week tour in January! I can't believe it!!!!!! Thanks for believing in me!!

God Bless,
Tisha Alexander
Sapulpa, OK


hey patrick this is josh. listen i just wanted to thank you for your help when i became a memeber with you guys. i have tried to get involved in other places and i have just gotten ripped off and scammed. with you and your company you guys give me the tools and i have to do the work. its not like everything else out there that just lies to me. i have tired to land a couple auditions but it hasnt been workin so well because none of them are close to where i live. im not gonna give up and im gonna keep trying but i just wanted to thank you for being real to me and honest and not trying to rip me off and lie to me. ill let you know if i get anything so you can update the webiste.

thanks again patrick take care,
Joshua Laurin
Syracuse, NY

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