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Hollywood Auditions Reviews and Testimonials

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Read Hollywood Auditions Reviews and Testimonials by our members.

Hollywood Auditions Review Testimonial by our member Kyle Actor, Model, Musician


Hollywood Auditions Review Testimonial by our member actress Jenna S.


Hollywood Auditions Testimonials Website Reviews Actress Singer Amanda


Hollywood Auditions Reviews & Testimonial by Actor James C.


Thank you!! Because of this website, I moved from New York City to California , and my career really took off! Now I'm one of the most in-demand spokesmodels in California ! I work full-time for major events and promotions, and the money's great! If you guys didn't give me these leads, this never would've been possible!!! And the best part is that I'm still able to make acting auditions and do print modeling on the side!!! Thank you for giving me the life I've always dreamed of!

Most recent work includes:
(all casting projects were provided by

Golden Globe Spokesmodel
Sky Vodka Spokesmodel
Axe Angel
Playboy Charity Golf Event
XBOX girl
Mercedes Girl
Music Video - Small Role

Recent Auditions (outcome still pending):
The Next Hollywood Starlet (Reality Show)
TnT's Most Dramatic Monologue
Caesars The Series
All Girl Pop Group
Tic Tac Commercial
And various theatre auditions.


Thalia Hayden
Los Angeles, CA

I have been very busy furthering my career. Hope you had a great holiday season! Here are the additional projects I have worked on.

"No Bad Luck" by Curmudgeon Productions
"Turning Back" by Dirty Monkey Pictures
"The Mattress" by Curmudgeon Productions
"Breaking Up" by The Voice Moonlight Productions

Feist Regional Commercial VOC Harvest Productions
Oklahoma Tourism Tourist Actors' Casting

AXE Dove Gillette
Kotex/Poise People Magazine SAM's
Senseo Suave Vaseline

Cessna Principal Cessna Inc.
Coleman Principal Get Reel Productions

Erika Smith
Pensicola, FL

My highlight for the year were: TNT Dramatic Auditions semi-finalist, The lead for a pilot called Freshman Seminar, Principal role on Jay-Z's music video " 99 problems" and not to mention some theatre projects and independent films. This company's staff is the best! They send me auditions every week. I am able to call any time for advice or help with my career. and especially Michael Riley are the reasons that I am where I am in my career".

Thank you,

Rayan Lawrence
Brooklyn, NY
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Hi! This is Heather Montanez from California!
I just wanted to say that signing up with Hollywood Auditions is one of the smartest career moves that I have ever made. Becoming a member was very easy and worth while. The very same week I became a member I was flooded with auditions that were taking place in my area. These auditions included movies, television, modeling, etc. I began submitting for auditions and started getting replies instantly! I started to travel to LA one to two times a week for auditions! Now I am filming a show this month! This is all thanks to my new friend Mike Riley and all of the wonderful staff at! XOXO~

Heather Montanez
Sonora, CA

Hope you had a nice holiday season!  Attached is my updated resume and headshots. I also recently signed with Baker & Rowley Talent Agency here in Chicago .

Best Wishes!

Jennifer Popagain
Griffith, IN.

I' ve been trying to establish contacts in the entertainment industry. Thanks to Hollywood Auditions I auditioned for a new movie by Disney Films. I'm really excited about this opportunity."

Joseph Snyder
Las Vegas, NV

We appreciate you helping us find a replacement for the supporting role in our film "California Waves". Thank you for posting our audition notice in your newsletter. We were surprised to receive over 30 resume submissions from qualified actors the very next day."

Jack Casey Malone, Director
(New Season Productions)

As a casting director for the last 25 years, I love the way you've made my job easy. Talent Directrory is the future of casting and will be used by casting directors around the world."

James Bruno (casting director for USA Feature films)

I've attached a flyer for the TLC show "For Better or For Worse" - we were just picked up for an additional 30 episodes! I'd appreciate it if you could get the word out for me.

As always,

Marie Malyszek
Casting Producer

I think it's been a great year overall even though I started kind of late (July of this year). I have gone to quite a number of auditions and have had a good success. I had a lead role in an NYU student film "Raw Fish, Stale Setups". I did extra work for both NBC TV pilots "The Brotherhood" and also a reality lifestyle show "Midnight Spike TV". In addition, I was selected by Bank of America to be one of its promotional models. I want to thank Hollywood auditions for all the help, especially with the wonderful website that I use to send to casting directors, also for the great lists of auditions that get me acting jobs here and there. I am hoping to make my break into the industry, and I'm ready to press harder this year! Wish me luck.

Yours sincerely,

Aditya Prasetyo
Amhrest, MA

"I am sorry that I have not been in touch often I have just been very busy. In the month of November I did two movies and last July I did a movie called "Man In The Mirror". It was accepted into the New York International Film Festival and received very high ratings. For this month I just finished filming the movie "A Fright in Time" by Director Mike Burton. Around the end of the month I will be in another new movie "Zero Chances". There is also talk of a music video around the beginning of next week, but I will let you know how it turns out.

Bill Houskeeper
N. Hollywood , CA

Happy New Year!! Thanks to the breakdowns you sent me every week, I have been submitting myself and auditioning like crazy! And....I have gotten work!! 2005 is going to be a great year for me!!!! Busy....but GREAT!!

I just did a period, noir style opening scene for, "Love Fear & Rabbits" by Below the Radar Prod. It was a lot of fun...... I got mugged!!! .....Now in post production.

Next year...So far...I will be shooting a short comedy for Chapman University in Feb.
Title: "Backdoor to Hollywood "
Cast as: Katie, LEAD (Also starring Ron Jeremy, like I said.....its a Comedy!)

I will also be shooting a short for Other Side Cinema in late Jan.
Title: " Hooligans Valley ".
This is a wacky short to be entered into film fests.
Cast as: Kitty LEAD (My face will be painted like a skull!)

And lastly, another comedic short by an independent film co.
Title: "The Feather" Cast as: Shanna, LEAD (the overly dramatic Valley girl.)
This will also be hitting the film festivals. you can see...l have been really busy and I am loving it!
Thanks a lot. Talk to you soon!

p.s. I also began acting classes with Tom Todoroff, who is an amazing coach and he has given me the confidence to land most of these roles. He is based out of Santa Monica . I still live in Culver City !!

Emilee Wilson
SantaMonica, CA

We would just like to give an update and a heartfelt THANK YOU to Jesse Kline and for the wonderful opportunities they have sent my way.  Thanks to their help, I have had several contacts for auditions with one really great success story.  I've landed a part in the upcoming film "Culture Shock", the final screen test for the definite role is in Jan. 2005.  We will be shooting the trailer in Feb. 2005 and the production will begin in the summer of 2005.  As of now, the production team is talking with Brad Pitt and J. Lo. This same producer/director has his hands in several other upcoming productions such as Jurassic Park 4, that he is interested in having me audition for.  This is the most exposure I have had in the short 2 years of my career and none of this could be possible without the help of Jesse and  Thanks again for so much help.


Cheyene Johnson
Lecompte , LA

I appear in K.O.D.P'S/ TROMA'S Meat For Satan's Icebox now available on DVD worldwide. I play Sheriff and Mrs. Hogg. You can see the review. I am mentioned in the review. My acting name at that time was AJ Torcaso. I now go by my legal name, Albert Torcaso. You will need to go about halfway through the review.

Sometimes standing up for one makes you a leader of many. Troma page with Albert and me.

Albert Torcaso
Pittsburgh, PA

Finally someone is helping us models with a great service! I have joined last year and already received several auditions for commercial print locally. Currently I am in the process of selecting an agent."

Michelle S. Boyd
Seattle, WA

When I was younger I wanted to become an actor but never got a chance to try. Today, I am fifty-six and thanks to Hollywood Auditions I auditioned for my first national commercial for South West Airlines.

John R. Ford
Los Angeles, CA

The volume of auditions has increased dramatically even in just the last year, much less the last several years. Unfortunately, it's just the nature of the beast anymore. I can completely sympathize with talent that audition and audition and audition and rarely see results or book a gig. I think though, that in order to keep up with the game it's important to keep trying and I do strongly believe that it will pay off eventually. You just have to stay positive and keep up the enthusiasm, it makes a huge difference.

Den S.

San Francisco, CA

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Member Testimonials


"Thank you for the auditions. I wish my schedule was more open so I can take advantage
of every opportunity."


Thank you!! Because of this website, I moved from New York City to California , and my career really took off!


We appreciate you helping us find a replacement for the supporting role in our film "California Waves". Thank you for posting our audition notice in your newsletter.


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